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Dear Valued Customers !


         Thanks for taking your time visiting my website. My name is Dara Rann and you simply call me as Dara. I was born and raised in Siem Reap angkor. I have completed my high school study in year 2002 and continued to study as Tourism Industry for another three years. Now, I become a local licensed tour guide accredited from Ministry of Tourism in 2007.


         I am doing this service for ten year already and they come from different country around the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, VietNam, Phillipine, Indonesia, Australia, USA, UK, England, Norway, Canada and many more country.  There are so manything you can visit not just only the temple BUT the daily life of local people, nature, traditions, beach, waterfall and lot more place that not yet widely known to the world.  


     Why using our service ?    

-We are local licensed tour guide accredited by Ministry of Tourism

-We are able to avoid the crowd as the visitor increased day by day

-We will make your dream become true

-We are professional photographer

-Using our service means that you support local people

-Our service is very competitive price

-We will make your trip enjoyable and memorable once.